La Cucina provides a unique service of home cooked quality traditional, Italian and continental cuisine.

Whether you are entertaining friends, important work colleagues or need an amazing spread for an 40th Birthday celebration, we can help you make the right impression. We recognise that not everybody can prepare food the way they would really like or with today’s busy lifestyle, simply just may not have the time to do it.

Our food is all freshly made especially to your individual order and do not use extra additives or E-numbers are used in their production. We have 100% control of the ingredients used which is safer and better for everyone.

Christening, Funeral wake, Retirement party or Coming of age party (18th/40th etc)
. We can take the stress away by doing the catering for you, quality ingredients, not frozen but freshly made. We can also cater for vegetarians or people with food sensitivity like nut allergy for example.

Please take a look at ‘Our Services’ for more information or please contact us at any time to discuss your requirements to see if we can help.